The Motivation Moving Forward

It has been 102 days since I received my offer into the University of Waterloo’s Software Engineering program. This new beginning in a world of uncertainty and ambition has led me to make some changes to my life, one of them being the start of this journal.

You may wonder why I don’t refer to this as a blog. While some may treat two and two the same, I feel that a journal achieves more in self-reflection than reader engagement. Don’t get me wrong, I will strive to make these entries informational, but I won’t treat them as if I am solely writing for an audience (if that makes any sense).

My main objectives with this journal are to:

  1. Express my thoughts in a format that I can look back on.
  2. Create a collection of knowledge and learned experiences.
  3. Practice writing.

I plan to keep these entries concise and without (too many) long tangents or irrelevant topics. I will probably write about software, university, and anything else that I feel is worth talking about. With a goal to make this journal a collection of information and experiences for myself, hopefully, it may even help you.

In 19 days, I will be taking my first classes at the University of Waterloo. I believe that university is a time for new beginnings and can really help you shift into the person you want to become. Whether that entails becoming better at a skill, communicating, or just increasing one’s capacity for learning, I plan on documenting the challenges I face and how to learn from my mistakes.

As I wrap up this first entry, I would like to say thank you for your time and I look forward to writing more in the future. If you would like to talk about anything within my writing or just to connect, feel free to email me or add me on LinkedIn.

Have a good one.